What is the difference between Bagasse vs. Corn/PLA?

PLA stands for Polylectic acid and is a resin made from corn starch, while Bagasse Sugarcane products are made from residue of
sugarcane extract. Bagasse is typically burned, causing air pollution. The bagasse sugarcane products we sell solves the bagasse
waste problem and helps reducing air pollution

1.PLA products are suitable for cold food; while bagasse sugarcane products are suitable for hot and cold food

2.PLA products are more like traditional plastic, while bagasse sugarcane products are more like paper

3.PLA products and Bagasse Sugarcane Products are compostable. PLA products can be composted within 30 to 60 days at
commercial composting facility; while Bagasse sugarcane products can decompose in approximately 90 days dependent on the
composting system. Bagasse Sugarcane products will decompose faster at the commercial composting facility.

The production of PLA products require more energy than bagasse sugarcane products
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Post time: Dec-16-2021